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Herrn Wolfgang Hilspach
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79110 Freiburg

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the absolute secure and comfortable belt fastening support

For children the best only !

Since 1st April 1993 the fastening of seat belts in the rear of motorcars was made obligatory for children. The system was admitted into DIN DE 13071 in 1996. Our company produces c.a.t. since 1992! Ambulance and rescue vehicles - even without using special rights - are 8 times more involved in accidents than other motorists !

For our children only the best !


  • fits any stretcher
  •  is produced under highest German quality control
  •  of cotton mixed fibre
  •  is antiallergic
  •  washable up to 95  Celsius
  •  preserves body heat of the child through special insulation
  •  gives the child freedom of movement
  • allows treatment of child during transport without  loosening the belts, owing the two zippers fittet on thorax an feet arears
  • is light, not bulky, can be put into smallest space
  • suitable for children from 7 months to 10 years of age
  • owing to the snaplock system it can be easily fixed on any stretcher either on wheels or otherwise stationary or bearer
  • is delivered in a protective cover made of textile  material
  • does not change form, not even after many steam -  sterilizations
  • has been mutually developed by various specialists and  organizations of the rescue services

c.a.t. systems - fitting all stretchers !
c.a.t. support system is obtainable for all stretchers beeing
on the market .

  • c.a.t. mini    for children from seven months to five years
  • c.a.t. maxi    for children from 6 years until 10 years

In case of an order please inform us which type of stretcher is in use.


The c.a.t. support system is available in all sizes an models for the price of € 106/each plus delivery costs and purchase tax.

We enjoy at your service !


Mr. Hans-Jürgen Meier

  • rescue assistent since 1975
  • to be contacted for information on developement, technical questions around safety mechanism
  • Telefon: 0049761/89759487

Wolfgang Hilspach

  • trained and qualified for medical and pharmacentical
  • consultant
  • responsible for marketing sales and service department
  • Telefon: 0049761/89759487
  • Telefax: 0049761/8975560
  • e-mail:    

c.a.t. - medical bis protected by a german patent
other patents pending   

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